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Ford put a new Ecosport as the first global compact SUV in Brazil and then in the Asian markets. Recently, the Ford of Europe itself designed for the international market, but they announced it, his first Kuga compact sports car. Both Ford Kuga Ecosport and passenger car-like display. Comfort and SUV versatility and that achieve higher fuel efficiency, class-leading safety and new technologies

Ford announced in Europe that the "experts identify the tastes varied and contradictory in many cases all over the world to create a transcontinental call to the world's first compact SUV car for the company." This applies to both models, but Ford Kuga is more comfortable and technology tends in most countries in exchange for Ecosport matured version which is much simpler and cheaper SUV. Therefore, the purpose of EcoSport for the youth and is not likely in mature markets such as Europe, Amercia and North Asian countries will be sold where the Kuga.

Ecosport is cheaper and more welcome in Brazil due to the high taxes that the slowdown in the sale of luxury SUV. And severely damaged Kuga as consumers are more likely to search for the SUV and a small fuel efficient. However, in China Kuga is as good as Ecosport sale because of tax cuts. In fact, attract more attention from Kuga Ecosport and sell on what seems to be more when the SUV was two of the Charter, one beside the other in the hall of Beijing during the show.

To create a cheaper SUV and profitable to do in Brazil, designed to EcoSport Ford B platform, hatchback with compact spare tire from the outside. This can save space on this approach but at the same time it also defies most of the manufacturers of SUVs since most of them are now no longer carry spare tire from the outside.

As for the Kuga with a larger area of ​​Ecosport, and comes with more technology. Features include the EcoBoost engine, which is stronger and more efficient. Ecosport for his usefulness as simple as an electric cover lock of the trunk, thrown into the incision hidden right tail light. But for more advanced technology designed for Kuga, it has a system of automatic lid opening, caused by the movement of the foot under the rear bumper. That shows the differences between development and underdevelopment.

However, the left panel from the inside Kuga looks like Ecosport, in the wake of visual identity in the world Ford, known as the kinetic design. Designed Ford Kuga EcoSport, as well as other models with the customer in mind, in addition to fuel efficiency, and safety on a global level, and a strong performance and versatility of the process.

SUV with different flooding the market every year with more advanced technology preferred for the SUV - luxury or affordable type?

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